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Mindfulness Practice and Stress Reduction

Posted by Danny Williams  | 07 May 2019

Mindfulness Practice and Stress Reduction


The month of May is a great time to become more mindful (Mindful in May!). If you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet, I recommend you do, as the correlation between mindfulness and stress reduction are constantly being proven. See links below(1)(2).


I would like to talk about 3 things in today’s blog


  1. Happiness and emotion


It is commonly thought that we as humans should be happy all the time, and if we’re not, there must be something wrong with us. This is not true.

As human beings we are blessed with the capacity to experience all human emotion. It is in fact the true nature of having other emotions that allow us to experience any one emotion fully.


  1. What is stress?


When we think of stress, we will often think about a certain ‘thing’ that is stressful. For example, work, family, money, and relationships. Although in actual fact, the real ‘stress’ is the internal reaction that you have to these external stressors. In acknowledging this, you can start to appreciate that this reaction comes from within yourself, and can therefore be understood and dealt with differently.


  1. Mindfulness practice


Dedicating time for mindfulness practice allows you to practice this understanding. You will learn about your thoughts, watch your thoughts, and fully allow them to be there. From there you will start to see a different relationship with the thoughts themselves. With regular practice this can become highly beneficial to your overall mood and state of mind. Just sit back and watch your decreasing stress levels!


How to get started?


There are now countless apps on your phone that each provide a quick and easy beginners program. There are many techniques used in mindfulness practice, so if one doesn’t work for you, try another.


My three top apps to start you off are:

  1. Headspace
  2. Calm
  3. One Giant Mind


My final tip for the day is; Consistency, no matter how short, is the best way to go. Start with 3 minutes a day, and build when it feels right.


Happy thinking ;)





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