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Pony Tail Headaches

Posted by Danny Williams  | 17 Oct 2019

Pony Tail Headaches- they really do exist!


How many of you out there experience pain around the head after having your hair tied up all day long? Or do you ever get the urge to take your headband off after exercise? Wether you're working out, or just wanting to get your hair out of your face, a classic high ponytail,  headband, or even hair wrap or tight cap can do the trick. 
However, over time this places pressure on our scalp and can irritate the nerves underneath your hair follicles and in your scalp. When your hair is tied up it triggers a pulling or compression  sensation which can activate the sensory nerves even more and a headache may result. It's an interesting one, as the extra tight pony tails aren't actually painful. The headache only occurs because the brain perceives it to be painful, resulting in a reaction known as cutaneous allodynia. 
What can you do to prevent it?
The quickest fix will be trying a looser hair style- don't have it so tight, un-loop your hair tie by one circle! 
The hair ties themselves can also make a significant difference. A common trend lately have the been the new plastic hair coils. Although designed to reduce hair knotting they are also may indirectly help reduce the pulling sensation on your scalp. 
Osteopaths treat a wide variety of conditions and can often provide relief with headaches & not necessarily just the pony tail ones. There are many different types of headaches that need to be diagnosed appropriately. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to book in with your osteopath. 
Yours in good health, 
Team SYO 

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