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Take a seat, It’s the Formula 1 Grand Prix

Posted by Danny Williams  | 18 Mar 2019

The Annual Melbourne F1 Grand Prix came and went. Some may get revved up for the event, others may have got their earplugs out!  Some may be thinking about when they’re going to purchase that dream car or Ferrari, or others may be thinking about car... seats. Those others are us, and we’d like you to sit back (and upright) and have a read about the importance of the driver’s seat.

Your car seat is the most important part of your drive, particularly for those who commute to work every day or utilise their car for work during the day. So, it only makes sense that you are comfortable, but also preventing unnecessary strain upon your body. 
The driving position: 
Leg Room
Ensure you have enough space and are only utilising the pedals with just your feet and ankles (eg not your knees and hips). Your feet should be relaxed with heels on the floor and balls of the feet able to press the pedals. Thighs should be relaxed and supported and knees should be slightly bent to prevent knee pain. There should be a two-finger gap between the back of your knee and your seat. 
Seat Angle
The perfect angle may be hard to find. Generally, you don’t want to be so laid back that your arms or legs are straight and you also don’t want to be sitting too uptight in your chair which places increased strain through our neck, low back and hips. 
Recline the seat between 100-110 degrees so that your shoulders sit behind your hips  (not in-line with them). Ensure the seat base is horizontal and this simultaneously will decrease the pressure of our discs in our low back. 
Fun Facts 
For those long commutes and road trips, having regular breaks is essential.  Try to ensure you are getting out of your car at least every hour to get up and move and stretch out those hip flexor muscles which become shortened and weak when we are seated. 
If you have a sore low back, utilising a lumbar support can be very beneficial. Although they are now built in with modern cars, if you don’t have that luxury, rolling up a towel evenly and firmly and placing it in the curve of our lower back can also do the trick. 
Do avoid wearing a hat when driving as this can place increased pressure in the front and back of our neck and shoulders. Wearing sunglasses and utilising the sun visor is a much better alternative. 
Any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. 
Yours in Health,

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