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Posted by Danny Williams  | 17 Dec 2018

Welcome to the SYO blog. Danny here, Principal Osteopath at South Yarra Osteopathy, Melbourne, Australia. Together, with my Associates Daniel and Melanie we will delve into the world of allied health. Blogs will be written on a weekly basis, about the latest and on-trend health topics.  Our aim is to educate, advise and give clarity to all aspects of healthcare related to osteopathy. It will not cover up, nor allow crazy health fads and fashions to go unnoticed without being commented on. It will only advise and direct you to the best healthcare in the world today. We welcome comments and constructed opinions to help create a blog, which has evidence based practice and opinion that is true and honest.

Even as I write this introduction, I am sitting at my computer, legs twisted, sitting half on and half off the seat and leaning heavily onto my elbows. I need to practice what I preach. Too many of us spend too long at the computer and just the lack of movement and the contorted position we put ourselves in, causes so much physical stress on the body. Time to sit up, allow the chair to support you and take a break when you feel your twisted body starting to strain. After all, we are just not fit enough to sit for hours on end.

If you can’t think, FEEL.

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