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World No Tobacco Day

Posted by Danny Williams  | 29 May 2019


Tomorrow, Friday the 31st of May is World No Tobacco Day

Originally initiated by the World Health Organisation, we’d like to join them and encourage you all to quit smoking!

Did you know….

for the average smoker who:

  • buys 25 cigarettes in a pack 
  • which normally costs $22
  • & smokes 10 cigarettes a day
  • Who has been smoking for 30 years 

(warning: some pretty scary figures ahead!)

Has had….

109, 500 cigarettes! 

Spent $96,360 and 

Inhaled 30 grams of tar over 

10,950 days


Quit smoking TODAY and you will gain $3212 a year

Some pretty scary statistics am I right? Transfer this money spent (I argue wasted) into improving your quality of life & just imagine the possibilities! 

But more importantly, look what happens when you do!

  • 12 hours after stopping, almost all nicotine is out of your system. In about 5 days, most nicotine by-products have gone. 
  • Within a day of quitting, the level of carbon monoxide in your blood has dropped dramatically. Your body is able to take up and use oxygen more easily. 
  • Quitting reduces your risk of stroke and heart attack. This is especially important for women who smoke and take the contraceptive pill (their risk of death from heart attack increases dramatically with age)
  • After 4 weeks without smoking, exercising will be easier because more air is getting into your lungs. 
  • Even though withdrawal symptoms can be hard to go through, remember they are actually a good sign. They show your body is adjusting to being free from the chemicals in tobacco smoke. 

You can find out exactly how much your smoking is costing you by visiting the Quit Calculator here:

If you’ve made the decision to quit, you are one step closer. Cravings can still pop up when you least expect them. 

Here are some hacks to get you back on track and quit smoking

  • Call Quitline 13 78 48- They’ll chat to you about your quitting history, offer tips and help you quit.  A call-back service where you can receive regular phone calls in the first weeks of your quit attempt is also available via the Quitline service. 
  • Relax- simple deep breathing exercises can release muscle tension and calm the mind. Your Osteo can give you tips on how! 
  • Change Habits & distract yourself- the same locations, cafes or certain foods can remind you about smoking. It’s time to create new smoke-free memories! If a common habit is to have a coffee and a cigarette, try to break the association by trying a new breakfast in a different spot. Breaking habits is key to quitting smoking. 
  • Get moving- got a craving? Take a walk, do some stretches or go for a bike ride. Exercise is a great way to smash cravings but also ease stress and anxiety. You can’t go wrong!


Happy & healthy breathing,


Team at SYO


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